Corrosion Protection



We are One Stop & Leading Corrosion Protection Service Provider in the region. We have the expertise and resources of providing the best surface preparation and coating systems for various industrial sectors. Our manpower are certified by NACE, ICORR International, NIOSH, SIRIM, IMM, BGAS, DOSH, OGSP, CIDB and other international and governmental bodies.

  1. Petrochemical
  2. Offshore Oil & Gas
  3. Shipyard & Onshore Fabrication Yard
  4. Industrial Plant
  5. Power Plant
  6. Process Plant
  7. Natural Gas Plant
  8. Refinery
  9. Construction Sector

Scope of Industries

Scope of Services

MKRS is highly capable in delivering comprehensive "Corrosion Protection Innovations and Solutions" to meet the stringent demands of the Oil & Gas Industry. Our proven track records has earned us high recognition and competency in providing excellent Corrosion Protection Services.

  1. Corrosion Protection
  2. Erosion Protection
  3. Blasting & Painting
  4. Insulation
  5. Thermal Spray Application
  6. Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
  7. Chemical Cleaning
  8. Passive Fire Protection
  9. Cathodic Protection

Project References

EPCI of Gallaf Project

(Blasting & Painting Work)

HICOM 5, Linde Malaysia

(Insulation Work)

Brooke Dock Yard & Engineering Corporation

(Thermal Spray Application Work)